Friday, 25 May 2007

sounds like their saying words

keeping me awake at the moment;
work in progress..

bottom part of the painting left blank
for copper-leaf to be added, the 'brook'
in glazebrook.
the painting originated as a 'weather box'
which i decided to expand into a larger canvas
(click on the pic to enlarge)

kumala vintage cabernet sauvignon,
strawberry sensation pop-tarts
& notes written to myself during
the early hours of this morning...


  1. This is such an intimate view of your world. I have been up nights like this, almost pacing trying to figure it all out, eating, drinking, going into myself in ways that defy explanation..... morning is when it all seems to disappear... all the madness of inspiration of the night and early dawn hours... how great to share this understanding of all that.. gretchen

  2. it's like a horror story sometimes isn't it, some dark HP Lovecraft world, where strange things form from normal objects to have no meaning & odd creatures nibble your toes.. or that may just be me?
    but, like you say, in the morning the light washes it all away..
    and you do realise that you ever so slightly did go a little mad for a while..
    i think we both share nights like these!
    it is also good for me to know i'm not alone!