Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Radio Ga Ga

I have recorded an interview for Resonance FM which forms part of the 'Time Pieces' exhibition earlier this year, I discuss my work in the exhibition, my processes & my concepts.

The work I discuss is 'What Still Remains'




  1. I'm sorry I missed this. I got distracted for a moment and suddenly I was listening to a guy who'd been in jail two and a half years for giving two joints to an undercover cop talking about the increasing violence of the modern disciplinary society. Want to tell me what you said?

  2. Well, that actually sounds more interesting..

    I just talked about why I decided it was a good idea to bury a painting in the garden for four years, the representation of decay being paused in an entropic state of freeze and other such garbage!

    although... to be honest ... I thought I did describe my work quite well and came across as somebody who is actually very passionate and has a very significant point to make...

    maybe... I did "errr" a bit as well...

    fortunately for me, nobody I know is interested enough to listen.. so I can say it was a triumph.

    I thought I did okay.

  3. I really do wish I had heard it, not only for your singular accent but for discussion of entropy and the representation of decay. It must have been brilliant.

    Also, has your computer connectivity been restored?

  4. My singular accent being of increased northern tilt

    ..and my version of entropy boardering on fantasy.

    I still think... I did okay.

    My computer connectivity restored.. my mental state and breakdown... slowy getting there.

  5. I would buy your work, if that is a complement. My uncle flies airplanes to London sometimes and it could travel with him. I find it difficult to reconcile my mere desire with the years of work that go into your art, though. You make beautiful things and it is an honour to look in on you.

    Mental state... you seem fine to me.

  6. Factory Supervisor9 July 2011 at 18:49

    Thankyou for your wonderful comment and it is indeed very much a complement...
    I shall clear a space in the rear garden for your uncle to land his spitfire.

    Mental state; somewhat better after a rather disturbed and fragmented start to the year..

    I have now obtained a copy of the show broadcast on Resonance FM which I can put on a CD and post to you... email me and remind me of your address...