Sunday, 13 February 2011

“What Still Remains”

for “Time Pieces”
Peter Scott Gallery,
Lancaster University 2011

In my work the human/mechanical/man-made interaction with nature is
explored using a variety of materials & conditions to represent the aesthetic
of living within the ceaseless cyclical flux of the natural world.

In this particular piece I have taken my process a step further to include
the intervention of nature itself & giving it free roam within the fabric of a
once recognised cohesive order.

Metaphorically changed materials which have been exposed to a slowly
weaved chaos of chemical reaction, sedimentation & evaporation giving
way to a gradual physical semblance of memory being broken and revealed.

The eroding & decaying effects of wind, sun, rain and time then echo in
the weathered, pitted and stained surfaces to produce the unknowable
transformations & new associations.
Once the work had harnessed the aesthetic beauty of its surroundings,
the continuance of memory was frozen & preserved in an entropic framework
of modern fossilisation.
Displaying a time-line of nature’s hostile edge, what emerges is a landscape
vibrating with what still remains.


  1. Very cool. Inspiration running wild.

  2. Thankyou; it was aesthetically pleasing & rewarding to spill coffee over my found, stolen, cut-up & re-arranged words.
    Something’s just don’t ‘type’