Friday, 26 November 2010

Days of Wine & Roses

The stress of nearly losing my job, which finances my studio & work
seems to have taken it's toll by running me into a filthy state of wretched
phlegm heaving flu inspired misery.

This combined with my self medicated whiskey & as many painkillers as I
can swallow 'cure or kill' theory...

I am currently putting together a proposal on time...

The work 'Earthbound' is the nucleus of this concept.

"Earthbound" - 'Common Prayer Book 1856' - copper fittings, acids, gold & copper metals, in custom built frame.


  1. whiskey, art, a job. the world is almost aright again.

  2. I will be calling you shortly for a catch-up. What time is best?

  3. almost...

    Kenny, you've got my mobile,
    ring anytime..