Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Translator.

Chaosmos II - 2010;




Artist talk;

Chaosmos II is an arts initiative that aims to research and develop the production of an array of mixed artwork on different media, animations, video and live art.

The exhibition gives a platform to a collection of international and renowned art in a unique exhibition within the abstract framework of Chaosmos. The term coined by the author James Joyce describing the paradoxical combination of order and disorder.

Chaosmos includes the work of artists Chris Boyd, Megan Chapman, Gordon Cheung, Peter Eramian, C. James Fagan, Steven Heaton, Maggie Lambert, Lady Lillith Leveigh, Zan Lyons, Ashleigh Nankivell, David Ogle, Jonas Pihl, James Roper, Masahiro Tomioka, Jane Ward, Boris Zakic and others plus writers Peter Eramian, Penny Goring, Kenji Siratori, Sam Skinner; Suzie Saw and others.


L-R; (starting with the pretty girl in the lovely hat); Suzie Saw & friend, James Roper, Chris Boyd, Steven Heaton (also in hat but not quite as pretty) & David Ogle.


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