Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A hand to hold.

(one of a veritable vice vendor...?)

A few more days left for deadlines, titles..

Things have to be exact. I have ordered the fixtures for
one piece; a pair of reclaimed antique mirror plates & the
individual hand turned screws to attach them with.

God is in the detail.


  1. I really like your template redesign. good luck and best wishes!

  2. lovely change around these here parts..

    Everything will be perfect and as it should be. It always is.
    And the work you are showing is well,
    mind blowing...You've got this.

    I think I'll have a seat and listen to the television static for awhile. don't mind me...

  3. Yes I have had the temporal decorators in, you like what they've done?

    I've even bought posh biscuits, so take a pew & I'll put the kettle on.

  4. Hang on, phone..


    apparently.. "they're here"..

    Anybody know a good TV repair man?
    Bloody haunted decorators.

  5. looks good, factory. really good :)