Wednesday, 2 June 2010


So, I have been kind of quiet here...
..well, things have been sort of.. full on..
the day job is a bitch I don't want to discuss.

In other real work, things have really escalated;
I am currently working on new work for an exhibition
which will tour the north west of England, and have
also been hired as co-project manager.

If I didn't have time for sleep before, I never will
now.. this is going to be tough to manage, but I am
confident it can be done (sans-nervous breakdowns)

If you would like to follow more frequent updates on
the progress of my individual project, you can..


now, in true factory style..

where is my bastard wine??

thankyou & fuck off.

(I love you all really ;)


  1. i love you you're brilliant.

    that is all.

  2. ...and that makes me so happy.
    so very happy.