Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The end is near.

Tomorrow I will be off to Drumcroon art gallery to
help with the hanging of the 'OK Studios' 10 years
celebration exhibition, I may have some in the show
myself, which will be the last exhibition I intend
to be included in for some time.

I've been waiting for a decision from the Chapel Gallery
...which was, in the end, less than favourable, but at
least this objective rejection has made me stand back to
re-evaluate my work, which has been on a downward spiral
for some time.

I think I have made a considerable effort to achieve my
dream over the past years, and it is time now to be realistic..
at least I still have a day job, which in these current
circumstances, is more than most..

Ironic, the last painting I submitted..
"A line allows progress"
(my favourite of all my paintings)

you gotta laugh..

go figure..

(by request of Wrenna; 'a line allows progress' - (maybe just a sandwich then?))


  1. 9 July 2009

    "but i still have my own private world...

    my paintings.."

    Hope it goes well tomorrow.

  2. I would like to see your favourite painting. In any case, if I were around I'd cook for you.

  3. Vibrant and slightly unearthly. The perfect company for tiny and strange tea sandwiches.

  4. Best wishes, and I think you'll do well in the "real world".

  5. Hello - apologies for my absence!! I've been a bit self-absorbed. Too much sniffing of burning wood probably (at least I smell sweet!) (btw - pyrography, not getting high or anything...)
    Anyhow - I like this painting! The metal and its treatment is awesome-all my favourite colours - I want to touch it (at which you say, "Nah! can't touch can't even look at it!! - Spinal Tap)

    Sending bestest wishes and positive vibes :))

  6. i love collection of my paintings. yours is the best.


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