Thursday, 18 June 2009


In my typical style, I panic if anybody takes notice.
Hence the uncharacteristic updates here, as I know nobody
is reading them...

..Panic is a constant state of mind for me at present..

This is the night before I install the paintings at the
church, having (half-heatedly) promoted the exhibition..
..I start well.. and then drift off..
(100 invitations printed.. but I think perhaps I should of
actually sent some of these out??!!)

I could worry myself to death about whether the typeface of
the titles is the correct point size..

Will the paintings speak for themselves? will they speak
loudly enough..

will anybody actually come see?

It will be what it will be...

..whatever that actually means..


  1. they will speak for themselves.
    They will.
    don't worry.
    you have got this...
    and everyone reads your blog.
    Nothing to worry about.;)
    A line allows progress and much much more...

  2. I second they will speak for themselves. Your show sounds wonderful!!! In a church with live music no less people will be there I would totally go.
    I read your blog I'm by far my own worst enemy so I can relate and I like relating to other people, it helps me in life :)
    Have a kick ass time at your show Factory Supervisor!!!

  3. *whistles rather conspicuously*
    hmm?...what? read your blog? love your work? who does THAT?
    *fiddles with hair*
    *pretends to be really interested in the rest of the internet*

  4. it sounds like the perfect thing. i'd love to be there and would offer to help address envelopes if I were (but your handwriting/typeface choosing is surely much better).

  5. thankyou guys, for passing by here, for reading and your support and kind words..

    it means alot to me x