Monday, 8 June 2009

~ THE END ~ (I love you goodbye)

It was never going to be easy, well.. i knew that..!
the fight was long and hard, the wolf knew my weaknesses
and exploited them to the full..

i kept going away..

..but i kept coming back..

i could feel the layers of disquiet lifting.. pulling..
my head expanded and nearly blew..!!

but wolf, you lay wimpering..
..sitting looking pathetic..
in a pool of your own defeated piss..

i am no longer in fear of the wolf..

picking up where i left off (still i & ii) - i quickly
grabbed another canvas and painted the journey back home;
within the week i would be home at last!!

all the techniques i had learned along the way helped me
all i had to do was look up at the sky from the back of
my parents cortina & realise i always knew the world was

and i connected it!!

(Am I doing it?
Can I have it all now?)

i want to go home..



  1. Ah, home....


    can't wait.

  2. How goes art, anyway? It seems the entire world is taking the long way home. Or sleeping in.