Friday, 15 May 2009

diminished responsibilities

Avoidance is acceptance of these duties..
..but for all want and/or purpose I'm still here..
the factory still stands.. so to speak..

It has been the slowest start to the slowest movement
known to mankind.. thus far.. (!)

..I keep trying to push forwards but each push blunders
a new horrible mistake..

and back to avoidance..

played with a camera for a 101 days till that just about
pissed everybody off.. (distractions.. & slow motions)


I keep coming back here to post some random nonsensically
worded jackshit..

so, I hope that everything is well.

The other day started at a bleary eyed 6am with two meetings
followed by a long overdue visit to the studio and another
meeting (much more inspired this one)
and I stumbled home after 10pm..
..with a package that had confused me most of the way home..

and then I remembered..
I have missed this world and now I miss the lady even more..

where have you gone?
..and when are you coming back..?

Nightshifts and paperclips abound...


  1. Hey! You are missed too! Write more, damnit. Shake the dust of all those meetings from your hat and give us a little nonsense every day. It'll help, I promise.

  2. ok sunday, your on.. but be warned, I do talk a whole heap of crap.. (but then you already know that)

    ps; thanks.

  3. I'm trying to sort out some personal stuff. I'll let you know when I figure anything out.

  4. Quite frankly though I'm still feeling way overexposed (in life as on the internet) and have a stomach ache from that dirty trick. I named my daughter Amy. She's speaking a bit now, agrees my genes are terrible and my life's a mess, and she won't condone sharing them with any brothers or sisters.

    I don't know what to say about your job, except I don't think I could do it. Is it true you currently have an exhibition?

  5. Or would like some postcards distributed?

  6. Glad to know your still alive is a major comfort!
    Amy is right to keep you to herself; fuck this dirty overexposed world; it's full of filth anyway.. but if you dredge through it, sometimes you find a carrot..

    I have just ordered the promotional cards for an upcoming solo show (dreams in a changing landscape) - when they arrive, I shall send you some .. along with some previous postcards of exhibitions.