Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Small Victory

After receiving a parking ticket for parking my motorcycle
in a motorcycle bay at a pay & display car park and refusing
to pay it, the penalty was doubled..

I refused to pay it some more..

The penalty was doubled again and I was served a letter
instructing me I would be taken to court unless I could
provide an explanation as to why I shouldn't pay it...
(the penalty at this stage was a substantial amount of money)

Dear Sir,

Please can you advise me how to display a parking ticket
in a window that I do not possess.

I await your prompt response

Yours sincerely,

Mr Steven Heaton



  1. Excellent!!!

    Steven Heaton 1
    "The Man" 0

  2. Thankyou all!!!

    (..especially the one whose blog I read every day but have never found the appropriate comment to leave .. yet..)

    Proof that you don't always have to give in.. sometimes you do have to kick back and say,
    "no fuck off", "the man!"

  3. Crazy world - Mr Jobsworth obviously had nothing else better to do.
    Well done you :)

  4. PS I have another blog you can read too - - all stuff in progress...

  5. You go girl! I mean Supervisor.