Friday, 14 November 2008

random post when in disgrace

occasional interest vs denial (all avoidance) it is easy to do.. finding a balance is not so easy.. tolerate me (occasional pay some attention. drink all the wine always (& more)

random post when in disgrace.

i thought of a millions things this morning, i can't remember a single one of them.


  1. hi pookey! i love this one. i feel the same so often...especially the thoughts...i had so many so many while in Italy, i was to worn to write....and now only solitary phrases stay....but definite images of my own are burnt in to my brain....

  2. I shall pour you a drink for yesterday. I spent last week writing down whatever thoughts came into my head in my daybook as I had then while working on something else. I found there was a fair bit sailing between my ears and once I was aware of what I was trying to process I was more confident about where I was at, and what possibilities I wanted and needed to shoot through were easier to deal with. I can't stand to be told I'm needy or to be too vulnerable. It helped keep my ass in a chair and made sure I had little enjoyable things to look forward to. I'm so happy something worked for me I'm being overbearing about it.

  3. as long as it is burnt.

    mine has been washed away.

    thankyou again.