Wednesday, 19 November 2008

patchwork planet

Sometimes I look at the workings out and wonder
what the hell is going on here.. like it has evolved
into it's own complicated network of survival;
one that needs it's own maintenance and surgery.


  1. at least you are handy with a needle and thread...

  2. My above comment bores me.

    I like seeing your dark art stitches, I like seeing these threads hanging off the tiny precision knots. I like the taped tassels around the stretcher bars along with the staples and the mess of paint.

    It is a behind the scenes look that once on a wall is hidden away, and it is a privilege to see these messy parts. We are now privy to the secrets of this scrappy patchwork alchemy that only you can create.

  3. Hear, hear! (spoken in the style of back seat benchers in parliament) .....(I'm a good back seat driver!!)