Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Supervisor, the Señorita & the missing portrait of the unknown women

The rain drizzled down without much enthusiasm as we walked
to the shop for supplies, and I spotted them leaning against
the wall.. slowly becoming sodden..
abandoned to the elements..
Two canvases, one with a portrait of an unknown women..
one with a trace outline..

I took them back to the office and consulted the resident
magician, who stated he could work with one of them..

I took the other home..

..much against the advice of Mr P, who was quick to draw our
attention to imminent hauntings of Dorian Gray proportions..
remember Dr Terror's House of Horrors..?

Did my motorcycle really cut out twice on the journey home?
(yes, it did)
Did winged beasties cackle and dive bomb me from the heavens
screaming and shrieking about life after death?
(well, I nearly hit a pigeon)

Who is this mysterious women..?


  1. (looks nervously around to the tune from the twilight zone) That's a little concerning to say the least. I hope you are wearing the correct talismans.

  2. Don't worry..
    I always keep a copy of Arthur Edward Waite's seminal work tucked under my pre-war fedora..
    for safe keeping you understand..