Saturday, 20 September 2008

this years champion dwarf marigold.

are you connecting the dots?

of course! i know, i can be overly cryptic.

but well done.

have a glass of san lorenzo rioja on me.

... how long will this varnish take to dry??
honestly, it point blank refuses..

i left the two small offending paintings outside
all day hoping the fresh air would somehow help
the process along..

my cat sat on them.

didn't help.


  1. "She's alert, she's open-minded, she's involved..."

    Varnish is taking forever to dry on this end as well, and in every gallery and museum I visited today, all the art had bits of fur and human dirt embedded within.

    I have decided not to worry about these things anymore.

  2. and such a fine cryptic fantasy you are dear, oh i think i see a dot in the sky??!!