Thursday, 17 July 2008

Rats in paradise.

worried. what else can i say?

the high will tomorrow become the
realastion of reality.

le grande opening..

both of my submissions to the Chapel Gallery
where selected and will be unveiled to the
public tomorrow..
'another enriching layer of disquiet' will finally
get it's chance to please or horrify, and then of
course the paper towel mistake, 'field studies ii'

what will people think of this??

how will it fair next to the real big players?


  1. "field studies ii" will rock the house, and if it doesn't you know you have a buyer interested in the states...

    try to enjoy "another enriching layer of disquiet" known as the opening..

    Best wishes and congrats.

  2. Your work will knock 'em over! Enjoy it! Think not of the future - it will take care of itself. Your job is to deal with the present and make the best of it. That best will always be attractive to someone...
    All the best x

  3. i think your friend deb has is right. Just let go and let it be all that you can be and keep going on! Do the shows do the "artist" things we do but always be true to the present and be present in your work and life just flows out of you to other people regardless what we think, and that is worth it. WE all have a say Steven and its best to let our voices be heard, no matter how faint it may seem coming from our mouths it may sound like a storm to some ears...luv ya bunny. xxlinda