Friday, 20 June 2008

Steven Heaton: Artist Interviewing Artist

Steven Heaton was just interviewed by Tim Lane for the Artist Interviewing Artist column that originated on MySpace and now has its own website. You can find Steven's interview by clicking here or on Steven's painting. Enjoy!

Steven Heaton creates richly coloured and textured abstract worlds on canvas. Heaton's landscape inspired, mixed media paintings combine acrylic and oil paint, heavily patinaed gold and copper leaf, and wire. His paintings reflect his fascination with the mechanical and man-made, and their impact on the natural world. Heaton's atmospheric paintings provide a place for the viewer to dream, disappear and reflect on our ever changing landscape.


  1. Ooops I said "Nice" ..eek!
    How about awesome?
    The idea of the disused factory in a rape field lit up etc etc is amazing - I tried to picture it in my mind...
    So cool it exudes ice!

  2. fulfilling to read steven , so much. Its remarkable how far youve come in 2 years...luv ya babe

  3. you are very kind to me, thankyou for your support. x