Thursday, 29 May 2008

Open Heart Century.

Open Heart Century

16 Spencer Avenue
Whalley Range
Manchester M16 0AW

Preview evening June 20th 7pm +
June 21st (all day)

Amy Wilson and Nick James are two artists who, having left Coventry to find a new home in Manchester, have formed an ongoing art project together. Both artists have entered the project with firmly different ideas and themes, producing together in a variety of different media work that forms a disparate creative dialogue.

Next throw into the mix 100 invitations, secreted in various parts of the city, asking for the recipient to return a postcard with a contribution for the next stage of the artists’ work.
Open Heart Century is a two-day exhibition representing the first phase in the project strategy, with further invites to be made and exhibitions to be held. The intention is to form a community of ideas, directed by the collaborations and interpreted and explored within the work being created and discovering surprises in the unexpected.
Amy Wilson - False Avalanche (2008).


  1. Wow- Open Heart Century sounds great.
    Thanks for letting us all know about it. I wish I could check it out, better yet I wish I could contribute. I love the concept.
    Best wishes for a fabulous previewing.

    I hope you get that community of ideas you are looking for!

  2. Mr Supervisor -- if you're planning on going, let me know and I'll drive us both. Better still, remind me anyway -- a couple of weeks away means I am likely to forget.