Friday, 16 May 2008

And the walls ran red around me with warm arterial spray

I am 'real' - and the shit is immense;
So I took to thinking about that and what
convoluted piss is spewed forth in an attempt
to create the illusion of 'artistic merit'

yeah, I'm pissed, viscerally so, with a renewed
'angry' that rises within.

Isn't it hard enough to waste your life dealing
with 'day to day' shite for the money you need to
substitute your living expenses only after working
Christ knows how many hours in a piss factory to
have that money taken off you by some fat cunt(s).

If your anything to do with any financial institution
(and I spread that net wide) - kill yourself.

Listen to Bill;

and seriously, do the whole world a fucking favour and
kill yourself now.

That goes for bailiffs, debt collectors and anybody who
works in a bank in any situation. Kill yourself.

You're a disease with legs.

Ok, I'm finished, as you where.


  1. DAMN! Holy hell...

    What can I say after reading that.

    I won't be going near any financial institutions apparently they are all filled with "diseases with legs."

    No, I won't be going there...

  2. Disease dammit yes!!!
    I've been through that whole shite - I'll let you into a secret-i've been bankrupt - purely because I got ill and couldn't pay my loans. But in the first place the sodding lending bastards were irresponsible in thier lending (in retrospect).
    Then they go and do away with the 10p tax which now affects me more because I am a poor musician/artist trying to make a living.
    F**k 'em all.
    That all said - I have thought about living in a bender in the woods, but I decided against it...

  3. i got ya there. dont stop creating everything else is a lie trying to distract us. the world of bull shit.
    but we are all here, all your fellow artists friends stay connected i know i need to. xxxx

  4. I'm not a fellow artist but I hear you. Do I hear a prospective conscript to my impending cultural revolution and conventional overhaul? I think I do.

    The world's economy is at the bottom of the shitter but it may be a false bottom with further to fall. The worlds' banks are crying poverty as they write down billions of losses (and claim their hefty tax breaks) while still making billions in profit. Pray tell where these profits come from...easy...the likes of you and me. Utter bastards, the lot of them.