Monday, 7 April 2008

Larry made his nest high up in the autumn branches

Submitting work to a Gallery.


The problem is when you expose the safety
of the reality that keeps you sane and at
arms length from the 'really real world'

Although almost forgotten, I expect a letter
each day to drop through the door delivering
a blow, even though I have already chosen to
disregard the whole affair as quite foolish
and not in any way detrimental to general day
to day pursuits.

That said, it still looms like a heavy cloud
at the back of my mind, threatening one hell
of a heavy downpour, pissing all over what I
hold dear to my own sanity..

I'll pretend I don't care.

Storm clouds come and go and after the rain
things never seem that bad.


  1. YES!!!Thank you for this...

    "Storm clouds come and go and after the rain
    things never seem that bad."

    This is so true and so easy to forget! The waiting is always the killer for me.

    Then when it finally comes, I always hold the envelope in my hands, afraid to open it. I try to envision the response I want, then I close my eyes when I open it (I guess to soften the blow) squinting trying to rearrange the letters that I see into what I want. Then I open my eyes, and see it for what it is. I sit stunned, then I get pissed(if the letters didn't turn into a YES), then I blast some angry music, and I get right back to it. (Well, to be honest, I do sit or mope about stunned for a while though-so not right back to it- the angry music follows immediately though!)

    Good Luck! Waiting and hoping right along with you.

  2. Yay! You're back! :)
    Sun shines through even the darkest cloud eventually...

  3. I never open letters, unless I know what they contain.. and as my x-ray super power vision has been on the blink these past 35yrs...

    When the letter is finally opened for me in a controlled environment
    (usually consisting of seperate rooms, telephones & protective headgear) i also begin the mope, followed by angry music and mutterings of never speaking to any galleries, artists or people ever again..

    and why do we put our fragile little souls through this battering?

    well, sometimes the man from delmonte does actually say 'yes'

  4. Creative Souls are sensitive and take everything so personally. Part of our learning curve with our art is to become philisophical about the business process too. It doesn't come easy, but there is help out there to smooth the ride.
    I am of course talking about your support network, including us nutters on myspace :), info on the net and in books. Even though we can't be in your real space, we can be here in cyberspace.
    Let the worry float over you and direct your attention to the canvas at hand (even if it is the wrong size!!)
    The universe responds well to creative flow - your rewards will come soon enough.

  5. I forgot to mention that I am a learner in the art world, but I've been an active, album releasing, singer/songwriter for the last 10 years and I've been through all the downers and stress with that. Its taken me a long time to realise that refocussing and reframing the situation makes it a lot less stressful. What I finally noticed is that as soon as I stopped pushing so hard, success came - bizarre. Also that its never what you expect - life is sooo full of pleasant surprises. What may be a reject letter now, may open another door for something better.
    I'm hoping for you....

  6. i think we are all learners in the art world, no matter where we are within our own career, that is the constant drive.
    your advice is most helpful and welcome as is the support network from 'nutters' on myspace!