Thursday, 27 March 2008

mock world of realism (part (i))

these past few weeks i have been
concerned with the enemy of seclusion;
or one of it's 'henchmen' more accurately.

don't expect any answers here.
i am not the lyrical poet to express
my views & comments in any other way
than battering a canvas into submission.

in its most discreet moments
the 'relevance' issue bothers me greatly.
every now and then it creeps up on you.
black & decker drill bits, hydrochloric acids
and fist full of paint.. WTF?

what is he building in there?
(and does it serve a purpose?)
we know exactly what it is.
(it serves the purpose of keeping me sane.)

in the aspect of value or success;
success is deemed to be the main cultural value
of which everything is judged against.

and my opinion on that; (and Len's)
"take the only tree thats left and stuff
it up the hole in your culture"
(thanks Len)

i'll keep keeping myself sane by knocking
nails in to bits of wood..

sometimes galleries exhibit them.
occasionally somebody buys one.

"When I’m being extreme, I’m capable of thinking
that frankly the whole art scene is made up of a
bunch of idiots. And I have no desire to get millions
of ordinary people to queue up to look at that stuff.
Why should they? It’s got nothing much to do with them.
To suddenly expect it to be popular is asking the impossible.

~ Matthew Collings


  1. Drunken ramblings on the edge of sanity. Look over the parapet at the sheep in the trench. Wave an image at them. The few who have a soul may look up and find inspiration and light. Cast the rest to eternal darkness.

  2. "At home he feels like a tourist
    He fills his head with culture
    He gives himself an ulcer

    At home she's looking for interest
    She said she was ambitious
    So she accepts the process

    Two steps forward
    (Six steps back)
    (Six steps back)
    (Six steps back)
    (Six steps back)
    Small step for him
    (Big jump for me)
    (Big jump for me)
    (Big jump for me)
    (Big jump for me)

    At home she feels like a tourist
    She fills her head with culture
    She gives herself an ulcer

    Why make yourself so anxious
    You give yourself an ulcer"

    Just paraphrasing a bit of Gang of Four.. Somehow these words seemed "Relevant..."

  3. I suspect that this is what I was trying to get at when I was entertained chez-vous last week. It's the microcosm thing I was alluding to.

  4. not drunk; far from drunk.
    (but i cannot claim sanity)

    very much what K aluded.
    K was able to put it far
    more eloquently than i.

    this 'microcosm' thing has
    the whole world sexy, celebrity
    driven, daft & scandalised..
    that is all people want anymore.

    i'm off to find that 'gang of
    four' track....