Friday, 14 March 2008

journey to work with *William Blake

i travel to work & back by motorcycle.
it's cold, wet & usually life threatening.

having no radio/music or company i tend to
think (even more than usual) this being
preferable to just listening to the humming
of an engine.

sometimes i construct entire paintings in my
head & most of the time, blog posts for here.

all of these are immediately forgotten when
i get off the bike or log on here.

which, is probably for the best in all honesty.

Today, Megan wrote some wonderfully kind words
about me on her blog, describing my work far
beyond my capabilities to do so, it did in actual
fact make me & my work sound kind of interesting,
how she did that, i really don't know.

this is a link to that very post ;)
(six amazing artists you should know)

it made me think that i should perhaps make more
of an effort to update this rather scrappy and
hit and miss blog, with my thoughts, before i lose
them into the ether, maybe some are worth a second
look, maybe.

tomorrow is the opening of the exhibition at the
Turnpike, in which i have a painting.
it looks to be an eclectic selection of work,
and i don't know if it will.. work??
maybe it will.

(just an old photograph working on stuff)

PS; i do now have possession of tickets to my
all time hero & the godfather of music.

*William didn't actually come to work with me,
not today.

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  1. S-man, you're not going to Leonard Cohen with M&D are you? Yeesh. ;)

    Got your message and then failed to return your call. I'll do that now.