Tuesday, 9 October 2007

. . . another enriching layer of disquiet . . . (and a little patch of blue)

(click on pic)

some days all you can do is feel utter
frustration at how a painting refuses to
'be' what you require it to be.
of course, it would help if i understood
what it is, in literal terms, i actually
a layered distortion reflecting the environment
in which the very foundations of our man-made
existence has corroded and gone back to earth...
..not a still life then..??
all morning i have spent glaring in a rothko type
frenzy of frustration at the canvas propped on my
and i do this because..??

well.. there can be hours, days, weeks, months of
angst ridden splattering paint over paint over paint
bad, worse, what the hell am i doing...
and then, without thinking or taking much consideration,
mix some cobalt blue lazily with a prussian blue, trowel
it over a still wet canvas of cadmium red and..
..that's fucking beautiful..
the "best mistake" happens..
can it be sustained to complete the painting as a whole?
probably not, but for now, i kinda like that little patch
of blue...

and that is reason enough.. ?

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  1. what we conjure , I believe is out of our vocabulary's league. How can we logically understand thats what riddles me.

    "If this isn't what you see doesn't make you blind if this doesn't make you feel doesn't mean you die,if you don't want to be seen you don't have to hide,if you don't want to believe you don't have to try to be alive ,if this doesn't make you free doesn't mean you die,if this doesn't take you down doesn't mean you're high ,if this doesn't make you smile you don't have to cry if this isn't making sense doesn't mean its a lie! Alone in the SuperUnknown" Chris Cornell