Wednesday, 12 September 2007


Friday night (7th Sept) I went to the private view
of the new David Stanley & Lawrence Isherwood Exhibition.
The opportunity to see new work (or any work again) by David
is never to be missed, as he has stated himself you can't
just look at work on the internet or in books you have got
to get to the galleries, and this with David's work is never
more true.

Up close, and you really need to get up close and see all
those beautiful flashes of colour, blended, scratched, sanded
back, swooping across, the texture & the colour is the shore
line or the horizon to another world, I really can't describe
in words how his paintings make you feel.

Whilst talking to David & literally in the first 1/2hr of the
opening, half of his paintings had sold which goes to show the
interest in his work, the exhibition space (Chapel Gallery) also
lends to the atmosphere, a really lovely space to view the works.

I was so engrossed in looking at the paintings I lost track of time,
so much so that I had to make a speedy exit & even more speedy
journey all the way from Ormskirk (nr Southport) back to Manchester
as I was due to start nights.. from an art exhibition to a call

The exhibition is on..
8 - 29 September
Chapel Gallery,
St.Helens Rd. Ormskirk,

David Stanley

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  1. i can see why you are fully embodied by his work. i feel you do represent a thrush of thrill when I am viewing your images..much like how I felt looking at his. I can only imagine to see in full scale and on a wall. Hopefully one of the times I go to NYC he'll be showing there..better yet you will be. Its easy you should try it.
    ps I lost the username and password on my old account so i'm new and improved on this one. Be warned.