Monday, 24 September 2007

building blocks;

i'm building blocks & foundations in many ways;

i went along to a talk by david stanley that coincided
with his exhibition; a very insightful & inspired talk;
i find you can learn alot from other artists, how they
got started, how they came about their technique, the ups
as well as the downs, most artists are unwilling to give
any information about their work, or at best are vague,
fortunatley, this is not the case with david, and this
only adds more dimensions & layers to his work.
i feel that some artists protect there methods like closely
guarded secrets, as if anybody finding out would mean the
games up.. if this is the case, then there work can only
be treading a thin line of acceptance, like some kind of
cheap trick...
there is, as all genuine artists must agree, a little more
to it than what you paint with or how you paint.
pollock dripped paint onto canvas layed on the floor.
having that knowledge, can you re-create 'lavender mist'?
of course you can't, and if you think you can, your missing
the entire point.


  1. wow i was just itimidated by another's imagery that poem is right on. And the idiot is closed of clam shell. that secret crap is for the birds. fear of loosing? what? Creation is eternal within ones own being. I agree.

  2. sorry more comment I love this image too mad too see them in real life just mad to see them.