Monday, 16 July 2007

final entry.

The opening night of the 'West Lancs Open Exhibition'
went really well. I got some great feedback and advice
from Jane Fairhurst (artist at OK & one of the panel judges
for the open) which is really important as to how/which
work I will submitt in future.
Jane's work is really unique & she is making a real big
name for herself, she's a massive inspiration that you can
if your willing to try, make something of yourself.

The exhibition itself has a very high standard of work,
higher than most, with a very wide selection of styles.
I would really recommend a visit;

Chapel Gallery

David Stanley was also complimentary about the painting
I have there, which is something that will keep me going
for some time as I'm a huge fan of his work, nobody around
is painting with such vibrancy of colour & texture as David.
His work simply leaves you speechles.
He has some paintings in this exhibition as well as his own
exhibition in September.
So plenty to check out..

Plenty of work to get on with, work to finish & work to prepare
for hanging at the next exhibition @ Drumcroon.

My internet connection has finally died completley at home
(I'm using a remote connection for this entry)

So I'm unable to check my email or post any pictures
or anymore entries here from this point onwards...

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