Wednesday, 13 June 2007

post night shift musing/mumbling/twoddle

i always think that my most current paintings
drag me too deep into them, they slow right down,
i become obsessed with certain tiny elements within
them.. that red is too red, it needs to be more
that red is too dull, it's lost it's vibrancy..
back.. and forth.. and back.. and..

layer upon layer upon layer, scrape it back, layer
it on...

each new painting seems to demand more attention.

i have a desperate need to find something more.

obviously, to improve on everything before.

i look around at everything and wonder what is beneath
the surface, if i scratch back that top layer what will
i find?

i'm not interested in representational art nor am i
thinking in linear terms; i'm looking all around at
everything as one, it's all thrown into the mix and
built up in hundreds of layers, much of which you
will never see..
but i know that it is there.

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